This is a game I made with Jackarais for GamesPlusJam3! Jackarais did the art and I put the bits together. Our theme was "Dinosaur Styled Collectathon Stealth Game".  Follow the adventure of one sneaky rat lad as he learns what it takes to become the dominant species.

The goal of the game is to collect and hoard food without getting stomped to death. To do that, you have to use the environment as cover to stay safe from roaming dinosaur bullies. Controls are: WASD/arrow key movement, E to interact/collect items, R for sprint (25 second cooldown on that i didnt have time to indicate in any way >:O), P for pause, and, fun fact, there's a secret movement option, Sneak, that you can access if you press L. It slows you down to 1/4th of your speed and has no benefit at all.

MUSIC IS BY THE FIETCHER BROS ON YOUTUBE!! They make seriously great stuff, check them out for quality tunes you can use on non-commercial projects ^_~


Download 44 MB

Development log


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cute, fun, game. loved the ending


lol the slow zoom onto the bug got me

Well. You can play )))